Elite Method is an in-home private coaching program for children ages 4-12 that seamlessly blends fundamental sports skills instruction with social and emotional skill development.

Our program makes it simple and easy by bringing the combination of life coaching and sports coaching into one program.

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The Elite Method teaches fundamental sports skills, such as throwing, catching, and ball handling while simultaneously integrating corresponding emotional and social skills, including teamwork, listening skills, and confidence building. This innovative combination is essential in the development of a well-rounded child. 


Our coaches are experienced educators in both the physical and emotional aspects of child development. They provide encouragement and mentorship throughout the program and create a fun and engaging environment that brings out the best in every child. 

of Experts

Your child’s coach is partnered with one of our highly regarded clinical therapists specializing in a range of fields, including Child Psychology, Occupational Therapy, and Physical Therapy. Our therapist communicates and collaborates with the coach behind the scenes throughout the program. Their invaluable guidance and clinical insight creates a truly dynamic partnership.

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