6 Steps to Begin the 12 Weeks to More Confidence Program


Step 1: Registration Application
To begin the process, you will be sent a link to the Registration Application. The information about your child and your family will help us determine if Elite Method is the right fit for your child. 

Step 2: Application Review
Our coaches, therapists and staff are reviewing your application and will contact you in 1-2 business days.

Step 3: Acceptance and Payment
You will be emailed a Payment Link that will direct you to an online invoice to make the first payment of $1,000.

Step 4: Child Assessment
Your payment has been received, you will now receive a link to the Child Assessment.

Child Assessment: This form will give our team a glimpse into your child’s world, helping us better assess his areas of strength and weakness. This will allow us to set the framework to create an initial Goal Plan, prior to the first session.

Goal Plan: Your responses to the Child Assessment will be analyzed and used to create the initial program Goal Plan. The Plan outlines the physical, social/emotional areas of strength that the Coach will be enhancing and the weak areas which he will be developing throughout the program. The Goal Plan is constantly being updated and altered after each session Evaluation.

Step 5: Child Development Team
Your registration is now complete! We will review and analyze your submitted data, ensuring that we assemble the best Child Development Team for your child. We will contact you via email within 1-2 business days.

Child Development Team: Each child’s Development Team has a Coach and a Clinical Therapist. The assigned team collaborates to customize the program to meet your child’s specific needs. The team brings together clinical and coaching expertise to build a cohesive program that will meet established goals and achieve success.

Coach: The Coach meets with your child twice per week, running games, activities and sports lessons. He is constantly evaluate progress, and ensuring consistent and successful growth and development. He is always available for questions and discussion.

Clinical Therapist: The Clinical Therapist works behind the scenes with the assigned coach to discuss and evaluate your child’s case throughout the program, bringing additional insight and perspective to each client case.

Parents will have the opportunity to speak with the Therapist twice throughout the session.

Step 6: Child Development Team introduction
You will now receive an email introducing your child’s assigned Child Development Team. The email will also include the Team’s individual professional bios. The Child Development Team is created to address the specific needs of your child. The team is assembled based on the data analyzed from the Registration Application and the Child Assessment. The Child Development Team is there to support, monitor and promote success.

The Coach will then contact you directly, by phone to introduce himself and schedule the first session.