why we started

After more than seven years of private and group sports coaching for thousands of children through their first company, DubeZone, founders Rachel and Michael Dube and Rebecca Jesin saw a distinct need for a program that would not just address children’s physical development through sports coaching, but also focus on the whole child through social and emotional skill building. This method of combining the two into a unified experience is integral to the success and development of a well-rounded child. Elite Method is the answer for parents struggling to find solutions, looking for the right balance of school activities, traditional therapies, and family support. Elite Method is making it simple and easy by bringing the combination of life coaching and sports coaching into one program.

meet the founders

Rachel Dube

Rachel Dube, co-founder and CEO of Elite Method, has more than seven years of experience working in the child-development market through her first business, Dubezone, which provides sports coaching and programming for kids. Her experience of intimately working with thousands of children and families has been the inspiration to create Elite Method. Rachel saw the need for more intensive and customized programming that focused on the "whole" child, including physical, social, and emotional needs. Rachel brings her many years of career experience in business development, marketing, and programming to the development of Elite Method. She is also very involved in her community having served as the Jewish Community Liaison to Englewood Hospital for more than five years. She is the mother to two wonderful children ages 11 and 14 and is the wife of co-founder Michael Dube.

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Rebecca Jesin

Rebecca Jesin, co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Elite Method, is responsible for the day-to-day management of the company. As a mother of three young children, she feels passionately about giving children every opportunity to succeed. Rebecca has more than 6 years experience working with children and developing child programming. She is currently the Business Manager of Dubezone, a program that provides sports coaching and after-school activities for kids. Rebecca brings her years of experience in business development, her creative mind, and organizational skills to the Elite Method team. Rebecca is an active part of her local community and sits on the board of her local synagogue sisterhood. In her spare time, she enjoys exercising and spending time with her family and friends.

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Michael Dube

Michael Dube, co-founder and President of Elite Method, has an incredible passion for working with kids and teaching them the skills needed to be successful in life. He stresses character building as much as strength and skill building. Michael is also co-founder of DubeZone, where he served as the inspiration and master trainer to a large coaching staff. Michael is considered an expert coach for his unique ability to connect with and transform every child with whom he works. His energy and enthusiasm is infectious, and he spreads his positive message through volunteerism, motivational speaking, and the charity he co-founded, Sharing Seats, which has given away thousands of event and sporting tickets to children in need. "Coach Mike," as he is affectionately called, is an inspiration to many and is very much looking forward to continuing his passion in helping kids through the development of Elite Method.

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