how it works

let’s talk, learn, and set goals

Assessment and Goal Setting

We start by learning all we can about your child and family through our registration process, which includes a detailed Child Assessment Survey that provides our team with critical insight into your child's behavioral strengths and weaknesses. Our team then reviews and analyzes the data to create initial program goals, which will be adjusted as your child progresses through the program.

Start your coaching session

Let the Fun Begin!

Sessions are conveniently taught in your home and scheduled to best accommodate the needs of your busy family and lifestyle.

Coaches document skill level and track progress and growth throughout the sessions. Our curriculum and lesson plans include a wide variety of sports fundamental drills, interactive games, and activities that engage both the physical and emotional challenges of every child.

75-Minute Session Example

  • Meet, greet, and set up
  • Relaxation and focus exercise 
  • Warm up/stretch
  • Coach explains and demonstrates the session activities and instructions
  • Sports games and skills instruction (approximately 60 minutes)
  • Session recap 
  • Cool down/relaxation exercise
  • Pack up and say goodbye

Learn about your child’s progress

Progress Reports

At the completion of every session, the coach fills out an internal evaluation form which tracks progress and achievements. The information collected from the evaluation forms will later be used by the Team to create a comprehensive progress report that will be shared and discussed with parents at the completion of every tenth session.