“My ten year old son Alex has always been a gifted, natural athlete. However, over the last few years multiple teachers and coaches have mentioned to us that Alex has a hard time controlling his emotions and behavior when he gets over excited. He can sometimes be a sore loser and a poor teammate. This lack of impulse control had really started to impact him socially and it was very concerning. His friends started to invite him over less for playdates and when they did it would often end with various upset kids. My husband and I were clueless how to rectify this very specific problem. Therapy had not worked for him in the past despite being extremely successful with his older brother. We actually read about Elite Method in the New York Times and reached out to you hoping you could help! It has been four months since Alex started working with your Elite Method coach and the situation has vastly improved. Firstly, Alex was actually excited about the idea of having a private coach to play with. That was a huge relief for us. But most importantly, I think it is really good for Alex to have a mentor who he identifies with and has shared interests with. Alex actually tells his Elite Method Coach what’s going on at school and in his personal life. And his coach gives him mature and honest feedback and is teaching him to slow down and think before acting/speaking. And Alex is actually listening!! His behavior and attitude have improved so much and I am just so thankful to have found your program. Your coach has been a lifesaver and has truly become part of our family. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.”

Linda R

New York City

“We first started working with an Elite Method coach when my son, Max was in 1st grade. His friends were all becoming interested in sports and joining local teams and rec. programs. Max wasn’t able to keep up as he never showed an interest in sports before and didn’t have the foundational skills to participate with his friends during recess or playdates. He would often come home from school crying that kids didn’t want to play with him. As a mother this was just devastating. A friend whom I had confided in told us about Elite Method and we started working with one of thier coaches immediately. His coach, (whom we absolutely adore), was so patient with him and made sure he was learning new skills that would make playing with his peers less stressful. It didn’t take long for my son to feel confident enough to join a team with his friends. I am truly grateful to Elite Method who helped my son and our family through an important developmental stage. He is now in 3rd grade and he STILL works with his Coach and is happier, healthier and above all more confident!!”

Rochelle W

Alpine, NJ

“At 13, my son Jeremy was having a very hard time at school and seemed to be distancing himself socially. Instead of spending time with friends after school or doing homework he would sit on the couch and eat snacks and play video games for hours. It was extremely concerning to his father and I and no matter what we said or did, we couldn’t get through to him. Thankfully, his school guidance counselor suggested Elite Method to us. Though at first my son was extremely resistant to the idea of a private coach, he started to really get into it by the third session. I think he started to physically and emotionally feel better from the exercise and the companionship. And he actually asked to up his sessions to twice a week! His EM coach was a true life saver. Knowing he always has someone that he trusts and looks up to and is comfortable confiding in is a huge relief for us as parents. It’s been two years since we started with EM and he is still doing fabulously. Thank you! Thank you!”

Jonathan T

Greenwich, CT

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