Posted by Johnathan Kidd

“My ten year old son Alex has always been a gifted, natural athlete. However, over the last few years multiple teachers and coaches have mentioned to us that Alex has a hard time controlling his emotions and behavior when he gets over excited. He can sometimes be a sore loser and a poor teammate. This lack of impulse control had really started to impact him socially and it was very concerning. His friends started to invite him over less for playdates and when they did it would often end with various upset kids. My husband and I were clueless how to rectify this very specific problem. Therapy had not worked for him in the past despite being extremely successful with his older brother. We actually read about Elite Method in the New York Times and reached out to you hoping you could help! It has been four months since Alex started working with your Elite Method coach and the situation has vastly improved. Firstly, Alex was actually excited about the idea of having a private coach to play with. That was a huge relief for us. But most importantly, I think it is really good for Alex to have a mentor who he identifies with and has shared interests with. Alex actually tells his Elite Method Coach what’s going on at school and in his personal life. And his coach gives him mature and honest feedback and is teaching him to slow down and think before acting/speaking. And Alex is actually listening!! His behavior and attitude have improved so much and I am just so thankful to have found your program. Your coach has been a lifesaver and has truly become part of our family. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.”

– Linda R, New York City