Posted by Lisa Josephsen

“At 13, my son Jeremy was having a very hard time at school and seemed to be distancing himself socially. Instead of spending time with friends after school or doing homework he would sit on the couch and eat snacks and play video games for hours. It was extremely concerning to his father and I and no matter what we said or did, we couldn’t get through to him. Thankfully, his school guidance counselor suggested Elite Method to us. Though at first my son was extremely resistant to the idea of a private coach, he started to really get into it by the third session. I think he started to physically and emotionally feel better from the exercise and the companionship. And he actually asked to up his sessions to twice a week! His EM coach was a true life saver. Knowing he always has someone that he trusts and looks up to and is comfortable confiding in is a huge relief for us as parents. It’s been two years since we started with EM and he is still doing fabulously. Thank you! Thank you!”

– Jonathan T, Greenwich, CT