Posted by Lisa Josephsen

“We first started working with an Elite Method coach when my son, Max was in 1st grade. His friends were all becoming interested in sports and joining local teams and rec. programs. Max wasn’t able to keep up as he never showed an interest in sports before and didn’t have the foundational skills to participate with his friends during recess or playdates. He would often come home from school crying that kids didn’t want to play with him. As a mother this was just devastating. A friend whom I had confided in told us about Elite Method and we started working with one of thier coaches immediately. His coach, (whom we absolutely adore), was so patient with him and made sure he was learning new skills that would make playing with his peers less stressful. It didn’t take long for my son to feel confident enough to join a team with his friends. I am truly grateful to Elite Method who helped my son and our family through an important developmental stage. He is now in 3rd grade and he STILL works with his Coach and is happier, healthier and above all more confident!!”

– Rochelle W, Alpine, NJ