Top 12 Changes You’ll See After Our 12 Weeks to Confidence Program

Posted by Lisa Josephsen

Elite Method’s 12 Weeks to More Confidence Program teaches kids sports fundamentals while simultaneously developing their social and emotional skills. Our coach comes to your home twice per week to work one-on-one with your child. Over time, they develop a meaningful relationship that results in a multitude of beneficial improvements.

  1. More Confidence: As the name of our program proudly boasts, your child will feel more confident, not only on the playground or in the game, but also in the classroom and in a variety of social settings.
  2. Better Sports Basics: We teach sports fundamentals, such as throwing, catching, balancing and more. This will help your child have a better foundation as he/she plays in any sport or simply has fun on the playground.
  3. Increased Strength: We provide the necessary activities that will help build stronger muscles and overall fitness. Our coaches and experts work together to also help kids that have low tone or need additional exercises to improve body strength. Building up strength affects not only playtime, but also everyday movements, such as handwriting and good posture. Our sessions are a great supplement for traditional occupational therapy and/or physical therapy.
  4. Understanding Directions: Our coaches teach your child to understand multi-step directions that are often imperative to sports games. Learning how to follow more complex directions extends well beyond sports to success in school and in the future workplace.
  5. Higher Self Esteem: A significant part of a child’s interaction with peers is based upon physical capabilities. When they are improved, the child’s self esteem also improves, boosting their own self confidence as they interact with others. Learn more about how physical competence affects self esteem in our blog article.
  6. Better Concentration: Our sessions require concentration and focus, led by our trained coaches. By following a framework each session and by explaining what to expect during the day’s session, your child learns to focus on the task at hand with ease.
  7. More Courage: When confidence and self-esteem are both increased, so is the willingness to take risks. Playing sports offers a safe place for children to try new things without negative consequence. Giving them the freedom to try will help them be less fearful to try in school and social settings as well.
  8. Increased Participation: Children that lack confidence in sports settings are more likely to sit out in social games or have anxiety about recess or playtime. After working with an Elite Method coach, your child will be more apt to join in on such activities.
  9. Ability to Relax: Our sessions include a relaxation exercise both at the beginning and end of the session, helping to calm down both the brain and the body. We teach these techniques in a way that the child will enjoy them and use them outside of the sessions to help calm down when needed.
  10. More Commitment to Schedule: Our 60-minute sessions have a format that is explained and followed, helping the child be prepared for what’s ahead. Creating a schedule for the session helps the child better interact during the time period and teaches an understanding of planning skills.
  11. Enhanced Social Skills: While our sessions are private and one-on-one, we teach the skills also needed to play well with others, both in sports and in social settings. We teach the balance of being a leader while also sharing and playing fair.
  12. Improved Coping Skills: Sports are about winning and losing, and we help your child understand that they won’t always win or do it right. We help him/her learn that it’s okay to fail and it’s okay to try again. We help children learn that success often comes after trying many times.

For more information about the benefits of our program, see our Why It Works page. Contact us to learn more about registration today.