In today’s fast-paced world, children often fall behind the curve in many interpersonal areas that are so important for success. With fewer playdates and more technology distractions, many children are no longer learning the critical skills needed to be successful and confident. Socially, emotionally, and physically, children are often lacking the basic coping skills to survive conflict, stress, and even school recess!

Many parents are frustrated and unsure how to address their child’s specific needs. They worry about the lasting impact this will have on their child.

All parents want to help their children, but children are often hesitant to accept a parent’s advice, support, or wisdom. Too much emotional sensitivity exists when a parent engages his/her child in these areas. Parents cannot have the same impact as an objective outsider.

Parents are often under exorbitant stress themselves; daily life and work responsibilities never end when there is a smartphone nearby. It is easy to be distracted and project stress and anxiety onto children. This can lead to relationship dynamics that undermine a parent’s ability to communicate with his/her child in a healthy and effective way.

Elite Method helps solve these problems by acting as an objective outside resource for the child and the family. 


A significant part of a child’s social interaction with peers is based on physical capabilities and sports skills. These skills become inextricably tied to positive self-esteem and confidence.

When a child feels uncomfortable or embarrassed to join his/her peers during recess or at the park, it limits social opportunities and can cause tremendous distress for the child.

Early childhood is a critical time for brain development. The emotional and physical health and social skills capacities that emerge in these early years are all important prerequisites for success in school and later in the workplace and community.

Sports skills, such as throwing, catching, and ball handling are important for every child to master because they are the building blocks to growth and development in critical areas, including hand-eye coordination, spatial relations, stamina, and strong muscle tone.

Elite Method’s private coaching program teaches these necessary skills, resulting in visible and positive change.

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    Healthy self-esteem is the foundation for the smart choices and calculated risks that lead to incredible achievements. By working with your child’s natural strengths, we’ll focus on accomplishing age-appropriate goals that boost their personal pride.


    Any child can lead with the right mix of confidence, social savvy, and good decision making skills. We’ll teach your child the skills they need to be a leader among their peers. Improving their focus and planning ahead are key ingredients to bringing out the trailblazer in your child.


    Personal and professional success comes in large part by learning to trust your own intuition. We teach your child to listen to their gut and make good choices that will serve them well in their future endeavors.


    Being able to work well with others and adapt to changes in dynamics is a key skill that’s critical for life success. We will help your child understand the concept of teamwork, build relationships and understand when to lead, follow and support peers.


    Empowered children become successful adults. We will equip your child with the tools they need to celebrate their personal strengths. They will learn to use their intellect and skills to take steps toward excellence in every area of their life.

Does your child need a boost of self-confidence, physical skills development or just someone to talk about their day with? We are here to help!

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